Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flu Like Symptoms and One Special Weekend

Joe Mauer reportedly has been ill for more than 1 week and yet he continues to be as unstoppable as ever. I'm contemplating starting the .400 tracker, but I feel it must off until at least mid-July. Last night Mauer went 4-4 and raised his average to .429 on the season. He still is a few at-bats short of qualifying for the batting title, but once that day arrives he'll most likely be at least 40 points ahead of the second place guy.

So I spent last Saturday at Wrigley with my Dad on what I would call a great father-son bonding every father and son should share together at some point in life. There truly is nothing like going to a ballgame with your Dad and talking about in-game scenarios, how the Twins should kick Delmon Young to the curb, or even how a cement pillar in my sight line couldn't upset me at that moment. To top off the great experience the Twins won the ballgame 2-0 which prompted us to find the local bars and celebrate.

I'll always remember that weekend as one of my favorite times together with my Dad before I get married this August. Some day I'll hopefully be able to share a weekend like that with my son.

Record: 33-33

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