Friday, March 27, 2009


I want to make this a quick post and more or less welcome everyone for the first time. The purpose of this blog isn't to attract followers (anyone is welcome), but rather to serve as something to look back on sometime down the road.

A little about me and what to expect (for anyone who doesn't REALLY know me):

1. Baseball was my first love (Sorry Sam, but I know you understand)
2. English is my first language, however I have never received higher than a B grade in any high school or college English class so don't expect poetry or words only Dennis Miller knows
3. I will do my best to post consistently throughout the season. Hold me to it!
4. Favorite quote: "Having dreams is what makes life tolerable" - Rudy

So with all that said, Welcome to the beginning of the last season that the Minnesota Twins will ever play in the Metrodome.

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