Monday, April 6, 2009

Last First Game

**Quick Note: Each home game I'll honor a different forgettable Minnesota Twin who played part of their career in the Metrodome. That means 81 for the entire year. (And no, it will not be hard for me to find 81 forgettable players)

Throwback night apparently. The Twins are donning their 1982 home uni's in remembrance of the first of 28 season in the Metrodome. I take great pride in saying this will be the last time there will be a Twins home opener at the Metrodome. Before the game starts, here are a few of my select memories of the dome...

1. The Rally Room (where you could drink 2 for 1's in the 2nd and 7th innings)
2. The giant Land O'Lakes milk carton in right field
3. In attendance of Chuck Knoblauch's return to the dome. Twins fans threw loose change and dollar dogs at Knoblauch in right field.
4. Walkaway sundaes. Not many games went by where I didn't grab a Walkaway sundae after taking down a few dogs. (This will be one of only a few things I'll miss from the dome).
5. Noticeable football field lines on the outfield turf

Now that the game is about to start I can already safely say that today is better than last year's opening day which brought over 6 inches of snow. Fast forward 1 year and it'll be interesting to see how many days it will take to get opening day in.

  • No Joe Mauer for opening day due to his league high 6th career non-baseball related injury.
  • Francisco Liriano is toeing the rubber tonight (still a favorite among baseball vernacular) and just shut down the Mariners 1-2-3 in the first.
  • Ichiro = bleeding ulcer (I should have used that excuse to skip a few more days in college)

Twins lose 6-1

Record: 0-1

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