Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hot Tips

A couple hot tips off the bat...

-Get Joe Mauer in your fantasy baseball starting lineup now!
-Jose Morales is making a strong case for having the largest differential between offensive and defensive ability in MLB history
-Learned lessons: Never leave a baseball game early, even if you got the tickets for free

An example of that final hot tip:

I know a guy (we'll call him Slick Noffman) who was at the game where Kubel not only hit for the cycle, but hit a grand slam to complete the cycle. To top it off the Twins came from down 9-4 in 8th to win it. What a great game for "Slick to be at, huh? Maybe so, if only he wasn't getting a phone call from his buddy telling him of the unpredictable ending.

Two weeks later, Mr. Noffman returned to where he had left the scene of the horrific accident. Only this time, he would see it through to the end where Justin Morneau hit a walk-off (no, not home run) fielders choice.

The Twins have gone .500 without Mauer and you can bet there aren't any complaints from inside the organization. On a side note, the over/under on Joe Mauer non-baseball related injuries the remainder of the season has been set at 1.5.

Record: 11-11

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  1. Still can't believe we didn't give Carlos Silva that $50mil he wanted to stay here. ;)