Monday, April 20, 2009

Sexy Baseball Music

First things first, I need to mention that the reason for the blog lapse was due to a weekend vacation in the District of Columbia. I spent the better part of three days letting Bo chase me around the White House.

Now on to some baseball...

I was in attendance last Wednesday when the Twins lost to the Blue Jays 12-2. I really don't want to recap that game, but there was one thing that did catch my attention during the snoozer. When Mike Redmond stepped to the plate early in the game I was shocked to hear a classic 80's tune (or at least according to me). The first question I asked myself was "why the hell is Mike Redmond playing this song"

Here is the music video of the song. Cue the chorus at 1:15...

The song is titled We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off by Jermaine Stewart. The significance of this song to Mike Redmond is that he enjoys walking around the locker room completely naked. I'm not sure why he insists on these antics, but I guess you have to give it to the guy for having the comfort to watch tv, play cards or drink beer while naked in front of 25 other guys.

Although the Twins are 7-7 on the year I have noticed that all of their losses have to come against a division leading team. The Mariners lead the West, White Sox lead the Central and the Blue Jays lead the East. I tend to find obscure stats like these throughout a long baseball season as ways to keep me believing that the Twins are always in contention.

The Twins go to Fenway tomorrow for a grueling 2 game series. I don't know when these became trendy, but why even unpack your bags if you are the visiting team.

That's all for now.

Record: 7-7

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