Monday, April 13, 2009

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Coming off a 2 game losing streak the Twins got some offense going again tonight against a pitcher who has nothing on me when it comes to growing the red beard. I really feel like I'm in heaven right now. I'm sitting on my couch, got my Twins hat on, just finished two chili dogs and weiner water soup is on the stovetop for a pre-bedtime drink.

The Twins have a new starter tonight. Brian Buscher is getting his first start of the season tonight. He is the last member of the team to start a game this season. Speaking of Buscher, it reminds me of a lame attempt at joke Dick Bremer pulled off a few years ago. During pregame he said, "tonight we have a (Brian) Buscher, a (Scott) Baker, but no candlestick maker". I can't help but think of Bremer as the Grandpa who comes into the 1st grade classroom at naptime to read Where the Wild Things Are to all the little kids.


The pitching let the Twins down tonight. I think Slowey gave up 14 or so hits in a little more than 5 innings pitched. Toronto has a hell of an offense, it's just too bad they have 3 of their pitchers out for the year with arm injuries.

Twins lose 8-6.

Record: 3-5

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