Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Injury Showdown

The Twins win a gutty one tonight. I'm speculating on the guttiness of the team tonight since I didn't see the last half of the game. I feel that after years of reading the C Section (no, not the medical procedure performed on expecting mothers) of the Star Tribune newspaper, I've gotten pretty good at analyzing a box score and describing the game as if I'd watched every pitch.

Congratulations to all the fans in attendance tonight for making it through the first Dollar Dog night of the season. I have yet to hear any reports of the fat ass who sits his lazy carcass in Section 234 and eats dogs until he basically has to slide down the stairs to exit the stadium.

Getting back to the game, it sure would be nice to square off against the Mariners all 162 games this year. Yeah, yeah the M's aren't trotting out Ichiro any games this series, but then again the Twins aren't green lighting Joe Mauer just yet. To me, I feel like this should become an unwritten rule in baseball. If a team's star player is held out of a game, the other team must hold their respective star player out the game as well. Also, to make it interesting, each team gets to roll a 30-sided die to see what excuse they will be using to withhold their player. In this case it is the bleeding ulcer vs. the inflamed sacroiliac joint.

Twins win tonight 6-5 and tomorrow will send the pride of Stillwater, MN to the mound in hopes of winning the series.

Record: 2-1

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