Friday, April 10, 2009

Redemption Night

Question: Doesn't it seem odd that a team can be shutout at home against one of the worst teams in baseball from the year before, and then the very next night put up 12 runs in weather of 35 degrees or so against the AL Central division champs from the year before?

Answer: I really have no idea, but I can't think of another team that could pull it off with more success than the Twins.

A few redemption notes:

1. The Twins returned to the site where they lost game 163 last year. The weather seemed to be very similar to the game last October only this time there wasn't Griffey throwing anyone out at home plate or Thome hitting a 500 foot bomb.

2. So the Twins won tonight 12-5 in Joe Crede's first game back in US Cellular against his former team. And how fitting was it that in Crede's first at bat that the crowd gave him a standing ovation. Well, about 30 seconds later Crede hit a homer to left field in which the applause quickly turned to boos. Typical Chicago fans.

Hey, anytime you have a knuckleball #5 starter named R.A. Dickey win a game for you, I'd be draping plastic wrap across the lockers and uncork the champagne like the division has just been won.

Record: 3-2

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