Thursday, May 7, 2009

Treading Water

7:40pm CST

The Twinsies are treading water the past week or so. Mauer plays his first game last Friday and hits a home run with his first swing. The team, which is always bigger than the player went 1-2 over the weekend to the Royals and have gone 2-4 since Mauer's return.

Alexi Casilla was sent down to the JV team yesterday. This is move that needed to be made more for Casilla than anyone else. The Twins replaced Casilla on the active roster with Matt Tolbert, who is younger version of Nick Punto. Tolbert is all fundamental, all the time. He won't win nor lose any game for the Twins. Tolbert, much like Punto are guys where you can fill out their stat line before the game starts: 1-3 with a walk, infield single, pop up w/runner in scoring position and a groundout to short where the throw barely beats the head first slide by Tolbert/Punto.

7:56 CST

Mauer singles to tie the game 4-4.

8:53 CST

Twins lose 5-4 and are 2-5 since Mauer's return. I enjoy pointing that out even though I know it doesn't carry any weight.

Record: 13-16

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