Thursday, May 21, 2009

Opposite field

So the Twins have outscored their opponents 42-36 over the past 7 games, and oh by the way, they had lost 6 of those before finally winning today. Confusing stat? Well not after seeing today's final score of 20-1 against the White Sox. Baseball can be a confusing game, and to think the Twins scored more runs today than they have the past 6 games, just confirms the fact that anything can happen any day. And by anything, I mean Matt Tolbert going yard for his first career home run.

Joe Mauer hit his 8th home run of the year, which happened to be a grand slam. I promise I have not seen the highlights from today, but I'm going to predict that Mauer's home run was not hit to the right side of the center field wall. (I'm going to go watch the highlights real quick...)

Weird, a home run to left-center field. How predictable is that guy with his power? Quite honestly it really impressive how often he goes oppo. I need a stat junkie to find me the answer to highest percentage of opposite field home runs (minimum 100) in baseball history. I know some rube has that useless info somewhere.

The Twins have the Brewers in town this weekend for a quick preview of inter league play. Sports cliche upcoming.....After today, let's hope they have some runs left in their bats!

Count on Mauer for 2 home runs this weekend, oppo style

Record: 19-23



    Ask and you shall receive.

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    I appreciate you! Can you deliver me a BLT on 9 grain bread Sunday at 3:00pm?


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